Nokia 3310 is back…but there’s a catch


The Nokia 3310 is back. Sort of. The iconic, indestructible phone has been redesigned 17 years after it first launched. The new Nokia 3310 is smaller, sleeker and reportedly has 22 hours of talk time with a one-month battery life on standby. And, of course, it comes with Snake.

Available in gloss red and yellow and matte blue and grey, the Nokia 3310 has a 2.4-inch colour screen, Bluetooth 3.0, an FM radio, LED torch, microSD card support up to 32GB and a two-megapixel camera. The 2.5G connection even lets you go online – although very slowly – to access Twitter, Facebook and other services through the Opera Mini browser.

The Nokia 3310 re-launch took place ahead of this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The handset is noticeably slimmer than the original Nokia 3310, which sold around 126 million units before it was discontinued in 2005. It’s also almost half the weight – the original was 133g, the new one is 79g.

The phone has been developed by HMD, which acquired a ten-year license to use Nokia’s brand name in May 2016. The company continues to sell a broad range of simple phones in developing markets, but the Nokia 3310 will be sold worldwide as a “digital detox” phone.

Priced at €49 (£41) That’s, ±N16,000. The phone has a release date set for the second quarter of 2017.

Nokia 3310 specifications

  • Size: 115.6mm x 51mm x 12.8mm
  • Display: 2.4-inch QVGA screen
  • Storage: 16MB storage with a MicroSD card up to 32GB
  • Camera: 2MP camera with LED flash
  • Connectivity: 2G, Bluetooth 3.0
  • SIM: Dual SIM
  • Ports: 3.5mm headphone jack and micro USB
  • Battery: 1200mAh removable battery



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