Grandmother returns baby to hospital; thinks he is too ‘ugly’ to be her grandson

The grandmother thought the hospital had swapped the boy with another.

Grandmothers can sometimes really want the best looking grandchildren in the world and they would do anything for it. A Colombian grandmother recently went back to the hospital to exchange her grandson after she thought he was ugly.

According to a report in Mirror, the grandmother was disappointed after she thought the child was swapped in the hospital on the day the child was born. However, the authorities of the hospital situated in the northern Colombian department of Magdalena said that only one boy was born on the day the grandmother said the child was swapped. The hospital authorities then did a check-up on the boy to confirm and that is when the lady was convinced.

Carlos Pallares, health secretary on Santa Marta’ city council said, “The situation should be accepted. Sometimes biology, genetics play a role in these mistakes and we should accept them.”

The grandmother is now being treated by a psychologist and the baby is said to be healthy and back with his parents.


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