Sign up Ultimate Cycler with this unique link and get automatic referrals


Sign up Ultimate Cycler, a 2 x 2 matrix Peer-to-peer direct funding where you refer at least 2 people (who will do same).

Note: The secret to getting paid quickly is making sure you get active down-lines.

Register via


  • Ensure you have the required $25 (N12,500) before you Sign-up
  • Use a valid email to Sign-up
  • Enter your correct account details as soon as you register
  • Enter the transaction details on your dashboard and contact your upline via email or most preferably phone call immediately to get approved.

How The Ultimate Cycler works?

In very simple terms,
You need to Register with a member’s Referral link and you will be assigned to another member of the cycle that u will pay the sum of N12,500 which is the fee for starting out on this system.
After the payment of 12,500 Naira has been confirmed by the person you paid it to, you are now fully registered as a member of Ultimate Cycler.
You can now refer people using your own referral link to register. This simply means that you need to bring people to the system to register under you for you to get quick returns but then, there is another way which you may want to try!

Can the Ultimate Cycler System automatically give me people that will pay to Me?
If you don’t have time to refer people to Ultimate cycler using your referral link, you don’t have to do anything as in 2 weeks time you will be automatically referred to four people that will pay you $25 (N12,500) each, which will be $100 (N50,000) in total.

Register via and get automatic referrals.

How will I receive my payment?

You will be asked to update your account details so you can start receiving money when you join the ultimate cycler. When you join the Ultimate Cycler, you will need to fill out your back office profile and payment option information. These will show up when someone is to pay you. But then, you need to make sales before you receive commissions
What is a 2X2 Cycler in the Ultimate Cycler?

A 2X2 Cycler is simply explained in the picture below:


I signed up but I have not received a welcome email.

Are you having issues of email confirmation in the Ultimate cycler? This will be able to help you resolve it once and for all!
First of all, you have to ensure that the email you used during registration at Ultimate cycler is correct. If you are sure you entered the correct email address when you registered, you may be having our email to you being blocked.
Secondly, Please check your spam/junk folder and whenever possible. The information you need will be in your embers back office as well.

Ultimate Cycler Apps for Mobile devices?

Yes, they have apps for easy management of your Ultimate cycler account from your Mobile phone!
They have apps for Android and iOs devices!

Register via



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