Enforcement of speed-limiting device begins Feb. 2017; What you need to know about the device!

The Corps Marshal and Chief Executive Officer of Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), Dr Boboye Oyeyemi noted that as from the beginning of next year, the Corps would carry out full enforcement of speed limiter violation by impounding their vehicles until they install the device. Recent reports indicate that  full enforcement will begin in February 2017.



Vehicle speed limiting device (speed limiter) is a device which helps to reduce the speed at which vehicles travel, which in turn will result in the reduction of high costs of fatalities, injuries, and property damage resulting from road traffic crashes.
The speed limiter has been designed as such that it will not affect the comfortable driving characteristics of the vehicle in any way. The speed is limited but the full engine power and torque remains available.

The existing mechanism on the fuel pump is extended or adapted in such a way that an actuator, irrespective of the position of the accelerator pedal, can control the ‘lever’ on the pump.
The electronics in the control unit receive speed signal pulses, and continuously compare this signal with the pre-set maximum. As the speed approaches the maximum, the control unit activates the actuator. The actuator in turn adjusts the position of the ‘lever’ on the fuel pump, in time to control the speed. As a result, the position of the accelerator pedal remains unaltered.
Conversely, the limiter also adapts the position of the ‘lever’ or throttle body, driving uphill or with a strong head wind. As a result, the driver is able to maintain an even speed, in all conditions.

The Speed Limiter offers three functions;

  1. Speed limiting function
    Speed limiter Limit the maximum speed, thus preventing the driver from driving at extremely high speeds.
  2. Engine speed limiting function
    It prevents the driver from accelerating up to maximum engine speed, thus reducing the risk of engine damage.
  3. Speed hold function
    Having the switch on the dashboard, driver can temporarily have the system limited to a lower speed of about of 40 km/hour in a congested area, or where there is road construction and this limit remains active until the driver once again operates the speed hold switch.

You can get the speed limiting device from the List of FRSC Accredited vendors on their website http://bit.ly/2g8OL4J





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