Jubilation in Zaria as Shiite schools are demolished

Members of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) have been engaging officials of the government in violent confrontation for a while now.

– The government is, in turn, doing all it can to whittle down the sect’s powers believed to have foreign influence.

There was jubilation in some areas of Zaria, Kaduna state on Thursday, November 17 as a primary and a secondary school belonging to the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) also known as Shiite Islamic sect was destroyed. Fudiyya School also called the Fudiyya Centre and located at Babban-Dodo, Gangaren-Fadama, in Zaria, was said to have been destroyed by the state government.

He said: “We have long been waiting for this action; it came at a time we did not expect. However, we are really happy with what happened today. “These people have been disturbing us whenever they are conducting their activities.” Also, Malam Baba Bala, a resident, urged the state government not to relent in its efforts to curtail the activities of the group who had severally clashed with the authorities. He said the sect had infringed on the rights of others, adding: “I must confess that Zaria is now safe without El-Zakzaky.



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