Introducing the Universal Pocket Tripod for Mobile Phones and Tablets

Pocket Tripod launched nearly three years ago on Kickstarter as a way for phone users to easily carry and set up a tripod for their phones. Now, the company is relaunching its product, and this time, it’ll fit most any phone, even if it’s in a case.

The Pocket Tripod is an interesting new stand and tripod for phone users. Instead of being a bulky device that is hard to carry around, this one is able to fold up completely flat and fit inside of a wallet. Not only can it fold up into a tiny package, it can articulate into all kinds of positions, so it offers a lot of flexibility.

pocket_tripod_in_wallet-1024x576           703d60a4784705ebac56c792a1585ec8_original.gif

The tiny stand is only 2.3 mm thick and can expand to 12.5mm with 15 different size adapter options, which makes it about the same depth of two standard credit cards stacked on top of each other. This means that it should fit easily inside of any wallet, so users can have it with them at all times.

fce2d39e8ecf721e82de78989fa0a198_original  Pocket_Tripod_studio_showcase-1024x576.jpg

As far as positioning goes, it can hold the phone in landscape and portrait mode. It can hold it at all different angles, so however a user wants to look at their screen, this tiny stand can accommodate. The piece that actually holds the phone in place is where the rotation occurs, and it can be moved to almost any conceivable position.



  • 360 degrees of precise angle adjustment.
  • Ultra Thin, as thick as two credit cards stacked on top.
  • Landscape & Portrait orientation at any angle.
  • Lifetime Warranty on parts against wear or getting loose.
  • Universal, compatible with android and iphone cases.
  • Pricing starts at $18 on Kickstarter.



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