Funny Quotes

  • Witchcraft Is When You Always Put Her On Your WhatsApp Profile Pic…While Other Boys Are Putting Her On Their Beds
  • Some women are still single because they like giving out their phone numbers easily, they like partying (going to bars), they play hard to get, they’re cheap, they wear sleazy and indecent clothes, they put too much make-up, they are always moving around, they only want rich men, they have ill-mannered friends, who influence them to do all kinds of stuff & they want perfect men, but this isn’t possible we are human and we are bound to make mistakes…
  • Ladies, remember that data is too expensive to entertain broke guys. Ignore as many broke guys as you can. ..It’s called self-defence from struggle
  • If Mandela could forgive white people for locking him up for 27 years why can’t you forgive a man for cheating twice? Stop being childish.
  • Welcome to Africa where Jesus sends you a Whatsapp message and threatens to kill you if you do not send it to 20 people.
  • Have you ever been next to people who gossip so much that you’re even scared of leaving them cause you know you’re next?!
  • The man who marries a beautiful woman and the farmer who grows corn by the roadside have the same problem…
  • People suddenly change when using iPhone🍏it must be that Apple🍏It changed Eve too!
  • It’s a man’s responsibility to feed the wife cos the last time a woman fed the man we all got chased out of the garden of Eden.

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