Help!: Is my service provider exploiting me?

I got this message from my service provider on the 23rd October:

Dear customer, with effect from the 24th of October, our credit loan service charge will be 15%. Kindly take note of the change. Thank you for choosing ******

Now, let me take you through what this is all about:

Telecommunications companies have devised means of allowing you to get airtime advance from them and refund at a more comfortable time.


Customers will be required to repay the credit loan within three days. The airtime can be used to make calls to other networks.

This service is open to all subscribers who have been on the network for at least three months.

Airtime Advance Amount (Naira) Amount advanced (Naira) Service Fee (Naira) Amount To Be Recovered (Naira)
25 20 5 25
50 45 5 50
100 90 10 100
200 180 20 200
500 450 50 500
1,000 900 100 1,000
2,000 1,800 200 2,000

The applicable charges are computed as follows: –
*Naira 25 denomination 20% service fee on airtime advance amount
*All other denominations 10% service fee on airtime advance amount

Now here’s the thing;

If a subscriber requests for an advance payment, a percentage of the amount (as explained above) will be deducted as service fee on approval; meaning, request for N100 and subscriber gets N90 on approval.

This implies that applicable charges (20%/10%) have been paid in full at this point.

If I understand this correctly, it means the subscriber will have to pay back N90 only, but noooo….they take the full amount thereby doubling the service fee percentage. Now they want even more!

I am not an expert on this but it seems questionable. Please enlighten me in case I misunderstood the logic. Thank you!


@AirtelNigeria, @MTNNG, @GloWorld, @etisalat_9ja




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