Ryan Giggs blasts Man United players

Ryan Giggs slammed Manchester United’s players for ‘swapping shirts and laughing’ following their 4-0 hammering by Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.

David De Gea was seen chatting with Marcos Alonso while Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Juan Mata shared a smile as several players swapped jerseys after the match.

Giggs was in the Premier League’s official studio and gave his take on the post-match events.

“You can get beat in a football match, but then when you’re getting beat and you’re swapping shirts – which is something I don’t like, call me old fashioned,” Giggs said.

“If you get beat 4-0, you congratulate the opposition, you thank the supporters and then you get off the pitch.

“You don’t stand around on the pitch, swapping shirts and laughing, with the team that’s just beat you.”

PAY-Chelsea_v_ManUtd_Martial_at_FT_01.jpg  PAY-Chelsea_v_ManUtd_De_Gea_at_FT_01.jpg


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