Internet Etiquette

I am happy to launch this blog with this awesome post, which will guide you on the use of internet for best practice.

‘Etiquette’ is a conventional and unwritten code of practice governing behavior regarded as acceptable in social life.

With the anonymity the internet provides, it is probably the most hostile environment to politeness and etiquette we have ever witnessed, which may have gotten you in trouble with others or have directly impacted the bottom line in a negative way.

I have compiled a list of tips that I believe are proper etiquette when working or socializing online. Not everyone will agree, but following these tips, you will build online relationships faster, network more effectively and build yourself or brand with integrity.


The chat-room (or forum) is a platform usually a group of regular contributors to each board who know each other’s, personalities and posting patterns. This type of familiarity can lead to a lot of head-butting.

Most of these issues come down to a simple lack of online etiquette. If you want to be the most effective message board member you can be, while maximizing your networking opportunity – read the tips below:

‣ Avoid All Caps

‣ Type Properly

‣ Looking for an answer to a question- do a forum search first to see if it has already been answered.

‣ Private Message – Private matters are dealt with by private messages.

‣ Study Carefully – Before you dive into a forum

‣ Introduce Yourself – Most forums have an area especially for this.

‣ Read the Guidelines – Almost all forums will have a set of rules specifically created for them.

‣ Post in the Right Categories – A message board has categories for a reason.

‣ Don’t hijack someone else’s thread – it can lead to the original poster not getting his question   answered

‣ Don’t SPAM


Facebook is about the world’s most popular website. One issue with Facebook is that so many people use it, you are forced to deal with annoying issues.

Read the tips below to make sure you use Facebook properly, and more importantly, effectively.

‣ Take it Easy – stop clogging up news feed with your constant status updates.

‣keep your caps lock off

‣ Ask a Question Once – The new poll feature on Facebook is handy.

‣ Public Facebook Wall is Not for Private Info – Want to share some personal info…send a message.

‣ Reply to Comments – You don’t have to reply to every comment you get on a post, but it is good manners to reply to questions.

‣ Don’t Hijack someone else’s Posts – with your offers and promotion.

‣ Be Real – Being a phony will kill all future credibility.


While Facebook and twitter are often compared, Twitter is much different than Facebook. In fact it is so different, than it has its own list of etiquette.

Twitter really has a love-hate relationship in the online marketing world. People love the real time nature of it, as well as the huge pool of people who use it – but they often hate that they can’t simply spam links and make money.

Here are some basic Twitter etiquette:

‣ No All Caps

‣ Do not use Auto Response To a Follow .

‣ Keep it Short – If you can’t express it in less than 144 characters, use other platforms.

‣ Private Issue Thing – Just like everything else discussed – private messaging exists for private


‣ Contribute – You won’t be able to gain really good followers unless you contribute in some way.

‣ Retweet Others – One of the easiest ways to be a part of the Twitter community is to retweet other people’s links.

‣ Complete Bio and Avatar

‣ Take Advantage of #FF – Use Follow Friday to mention some of your favorite tweeters. This will not only help you network, it will help good people get followed as well.

‣ Test Links – Test your links before you tweet.

‣ Use Hashtags Properly

‣ Be Social

‣ Have a Sense of Humor – Take things with a grain of salt. Twitter isn’t completely formal 🙂

I will be honest; you don’t need to follow this list to succeed online. Following the Internet etiquette guide will ensure that you get “invited back” and your networking efforts will be their most effective.


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